Despite the fact that they are often over looked when considering medicinal options, cannabis suppositories save lives. We offer different options for both vaginal and rectal suppositories, all are set in disposable packaging.

For more information about suppositories, click here to read our pamphlet.

We also encourage you to click on the title below to read a fantastic article written by a former VCBC staff member, Nick Fraleigh. It outlines how suppositories work in the body and gives some great tips on successful use.

Backdoor Medicine: How Cannabis Suppositories Can Save Lives


75 MG THC SUPPOSITIVE – $4 EACH 20 MG THC/ 20mg CBD SUPPOSITIVE – $3.5 EACH When administered rectally, the plant medicine directly enters the bloodstream through the cell walls and goes directly into the body, which is quickly distributed through the vascular system. It is a direct application to the bloodstream, bypassing the GI tract.… Continue reading Suppositive