CBD Hemp Tincture

Made with organic MCT Coconut oil and hemp flower hash. This CBD tincture is ideal for a full spectrum CBD oil. This product does not contain any additives or additional herbal medicines. It is a simple recipe of MCT oil which functions as the fat based carrier oil for the cannabinoids. Hemp is naturally high in CBD with trace amounts of other cannabinoids which contributes to a holistic and broad spectrum cannabis oil. Each bottle contains 30 ml of liquid with varying strengths of CBD Concentrations.

25 ml Small Bottles:
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50 ml Medium Bottles
250 mg – $22

For dosing, we recommend patients begin with a few drops under the tongue every four to six hours. Feel free to increase the dosage and the frequency as needed to meet symptom relief. This CBD tincture has little to no psychoactive inducing ingredients and is ideal for pain relief and reducing anxiety and stress.