Operations Manual

After many hours of revision and writing, we are proud to present our updated Operations Manual for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club! Thanks to the hard work of Jacqueline Kittel over the past year, every section of the Operations Manual has been reviewed and updated with our current rules and regulations for our unique business.… Continue reading Operations Manual

The Raids

On July 15th at 10:45am the CSU raided the VCBC for a second time.   _______________________________________________________________________ In January 2002, we suffered a raid by police. This was followed by raids in March, June, and finally February of 2003. All 17 charges of trafficking that followed these raids were dropped, acquitted, or overturned in the Court of… Continue reading The Raids

Who We Are

The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club (VCBC) started helping people with incurable physical medical conditions by providing them with medicinal cannabis and cannabis-based products in January of 1996. We are one of the oldest compassion clubs in Canada, with over 8000 active members to date. We are open every single day of the year because our… Continue reading Who We Are