VCBC Concentrates

1 g $25-35
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The VCBC is delighted to offer bulk concentrate options for our members! A light yellow color, this shatter is delightful to inhale and extremely mild on the throat. Dependent on stock, these concentrates are made from the bud of growers we have been working with for years. Extremely high quality, our aim is to provide our members with the best deal to fit any budget, small or large. 

Pre-packaged  Half Grams
$10 for 0.5 gram

Cognitive Liberation – Hybrid
White Rhino – Indica
MK Ultra- Indica
Moby Grape – Hybrid

Pre-packaged  Full Grams
$20 for 1 gram
Tropic Truffle Rosin – Sativa

Weigh to Order
0.5g for $15
1g for $30

Agent Citrus – Sativa Live Resin