Vape Cartridges


These full spectrum THC Vape Pen carts are made from whole plant, terpene rich cannabis oil. Viridesco uses a CO2 extraction method, allowing the oil to remain viscous at room temperatures, making for a smooth & delicious smoke.

All cartridges contain 0.5ml of oil. They screw into 510 threading for batteries and work with most standard vape pen batteries

Honey Oil – $25 per cartridge
Seawarp – Hybrid

Distillate – $21.50 per cartridge
One : One (187mg CBD: 185mg THC)
0.5ml cartridge

JJ Cake Dragon Tears
$20 – per 0.5ml cartridge

Pink Cherry Dragon Tears
$45 – 2ml refill syringe
$80 – 5ml refill syringe