• February 27, 2018
  • by VCBC
    1 g $35

    The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club is proud to offer cannabis concentrates from Potent Industry!

    Similar to the process in which essential oils are made, concentrates are created often through solvent based extraction methods, however, pressing and distillation methods are also sometimes used. This process will essentially remove the plant matter, leaving high concentrations of THC. Today, more and more research is being done regarding the medical benefits of concentrates specifically, however, we do know that Chron’s Disease and Fibromyalgia are the conditions most commonly improved with the introduction of concentrates. 

    You can dab it, use it in a vaporizer pen, add it to a pipe full or even roll it into a joint; these high quality concentrates are made from top quality cannabis. 

    Full Gram

    Love Potion – Sativa ($35/G)

    Mr OG Cookies – Hybrid ($35/G)

    Blue Lime Pie – Indica ($35/G)