Dope Soap Bath Bombs

$6.50 per bath bomb

Available in unscented as well as a variety of different aromatic blends.

We currently have unscented, Coconut Lime, Passionfruit, French Lavender and Vanilla and Lavender.

Add bath bomb to tub once it is full of hot water. Enjoy the fizzy sensation and relax as the cannabis relieves all your problems.

Ingredients: Baking soda, Cannabis infused coconut oil, citric acid, cornstarch, kaolin clay, Polysorbate 80, water, 65mg THC

Canna infused bathbombs are amazing for those nights when you just need to unwind, relax, soak and let the cannabis do its magic! These cannabis bath bombs are ideal for alleviating sore muscles and inflammation. Also, work wonderfully for menstrual cramp pain relief.