Glass By Kathleen Buckley

We are delighted to offer our members the exquisite art work of Kathleen Buckley!

Kathleen Buckley – Artist Bio 2020

The creative flow has inspired my life as far back as I can remember, and around the age of 9 I began writing poetry, attending performance arts camps and the peace-a-chord, and participating in local theatre productions. I was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland. I studied Sociology and English at Memorial University while dabbling in theatre, visual arts, zines, writing, percussion and making hemp necklaces in the vibrant downtown arts community. 

In 1997, at the age of 21, I travelled to India on a Canada World Youth cultural exchange. I spent four months living in the village of Vaso, in the western province of Gujarat. I was immensely inspired by India’s traditions of quality craftsmanship, and I left the country fuelled with a desire to find my way towards a creative life. I decided to travel west to British Columbia, and by serendipitous chance found myself sharing a home with lampworking glassblowers.

My first effort on the torch in the summer of 1998 was a series of ‘mushroom’ marbles that looked more like tadpoles. Welded together, they made a pretty large marble. Immediately I was incited with a passionate inspiration by the infinite creative possibilities and beautiful light effects that could be made lampworking borosilicate glass. I began an apprenticeship with glassblower Pee Jay Taylor, and devoted myself to the craft with a vision of infusing my hands with the capacity to create beautiful glass.

I returned to St. John’s in the summer of 1999 and set up shop in a variety of locations, selling my early work at Hempware and local festivals like the Peace-A-Chord. My son Lorne was born there in May of 2000. As much as I love my home community, I missed BC! I kept having dreams of friends in the tall trees and ferry transits. I returned with my son in the winter of 2004, living in Coombs for a season before moving to Galiano Island. 

I’ve been living on Galiano ever since, where I have raised my son, continued blowing glass, and painted my home studio bright yellow. I work with a number of select stores across the country, regularly sell at the Galiano Saturday Market and have participated in the Great Canadian Glass Gathering. I post my work regularly on my instagram @cre8glass and can be contacted directly at  Thank you for your interest in my work. 

Dab Straw

A wonderful local hand blown glass piece from Kathleen Buckley, the dab straws are a convenient and low cost way to consume cannabis extracts. All you have to do is heat up the end with a torch, and touch the hot surface to the cannabis concentrate and inhale for instantaneous relief. The Dab Straws are… Continue reading Dab Straw