Accessories and Miscellaneous

Beaded Lighter Case

These beautiful hand made lighter cases are made by a local member of the VCBC. Tired of getting your lighter lost in the shuffle? These lighter cases add a pop of colour and uniqueness to your smoking accessories. Fits a standard Bic lighter. $25 each

Yocan Evolve Plus Replacement Coil – $4.50

The Yocan Evolve Plus 0.8ohm ceramic donut coil heats quickly and provides smooth, flavourful vapor. The side air intakes above the ceramic coil surface prevent spit back and leaks. Coil Features: Compatible with Magneto 0.8ohm Ceramic Donut 100% Medical-Grade Ceramic Coil-less Design Efficient Vaporization Excellent Flavour

Boundless – Terp Pen – $25.00

Meet Boundless Tech’s latest on-demand concentrate-only device. They have redesigned the Boundless CF 710 to be 1/3 the weight and size, removed the button to increase usability, increased battery life, and made it more affordable for the consumer! With the Terp Pen, simply remove the magnetic cap, inhale through the mouthpiece, and then apply the… Continue reading Boundless – Terp Pen – $25.00


They are colorful, work well, are cheap. Lighter – $1.60 Each

Zen – Bristle Pipe Cleaners

Get those hard to reach spots in your smoking accessories with this flexible and tough bristle pipe cleaner. Perfect for getting the ultimate clean. $1.00

Steel Screens – 5 Pack

Perfect for all types of pipes and bong bowls these stainless steel screens are great for the job. The 0.750″ circular screen can be cut to size or simply bent to shape. $0.10

Glass By Kathleen Buckley

We are delighted to offer our members the exquisite art work of Kathleen Buckley! Kathleen Buckley – Artist Bio 2020 The creative flow has inspired my life as far back as I can remember, and around the age of 9 I began writing poetry, attending performance arts camps and the peace-a-chord, and participating in local… Continue reading Glass By Kathleen Buckley

GRAV – Pebble Spoon 3″ – $13.50

Down at the lake, river stones in hand, pants rolled up to your knees, you’re locked in debate. Who wins: the farthest thrown or the most skips? It doesn’t matter in the end, just be careful not to throw your Pebble Pipe!

Regular Spoon Pipes – $15.00

These guys are hand blown Locally by a great glass blower. Often referred to as smoking a “bowl” glass pipes are perfect for tokers of all kinds.  Unless you are looking for a bubbler, glass hand pipes typically offer you a dry smoke, meaning there is no water based diffusion of your smoke. Hand pipes like… Continue reading Regular Spoon Pipes – $15.00

Butane – $5.00

Cannot Ship butane for mail orders as it is classified as a dangerous substance.


When Ted Smith founded the VCBC, he did it not only to provide medicine to people with incurable illnesses, he wanted to spread proper awareness and offer cannabis education to any who seek it out. We are proud to say his vision has carried on through the decades and as we have continued to grow,… Continue reading Books

Debowler Ashtray – $4.00

This is an awesome ashtray with a built in poker. These are made in house in Reno, NV using recycled materials. Emptying your pipe with this ashtray will ensure it is ready for the next use.  This is not meant to hold or catch hot embers. Works best for cleaning cold pipes. Not for ashing… Continue reading Debowler Ashtray – $4.00

GRAV – Glass One Hitter – $5.00

The 3″ Micro-dose Inhaler by Grav is made on 12mm tubing and features GRAV labels. These micro-dose inhalers are available in assorted decal colours. Micro-Dose Inhaler Features: Length Height: 3″  Use With: Dry Herb   Designed By: Dave Daily  Assorted Grav Decals

Steam Roller Glass Pipe – $6.00

These steamroller style glass hand pipes are quality Piranha Products. Measuring 4″ in length these pipes come in your choice of clear glass or assorted colours. Piranha steamrollers feature a big bowl and two numbs on the bottom to prevent from rolling and spilling. They also come with an etched Piranha logo on the top.

Raw – Rolling Machine – 1 1/4 Wide – $2.75

These RAW Hemp Plastic Rollers 79mm are made from a very earth friendly Eco-Plastic that is made from a blend of hemp and recycled plastics and is manufactured in a German factory. Roll out your 79mm long or shorter smokes (single wide and 1 1/4 work) on these RAW 79mm rollers. Extra apron Included.

Raw Rolling Papers

What can we say? We like the way Raw papers burn… Please note: We number each type of paper available to prevent any mix ups and make sure you are rolling up your perfect size!

Elements Papers

Elements Rolling Papers are made from natural earth friendly materials: rice and sugar. They are not produced by using harsh chemicals or burn agents.

VCBC Hemp T-Shirt

A great deal thanks to high quality 100% hemp material, this piece of clothing with last for a very long time. We are delighted to use T-shirts sourced from Hemp and Company, located here in Victoria, BC. Sizing is limited to the stock available. Currently only available in size Large. $25 Each – Available in… Continue reading VCBC Hemp T-Shirt


We are very lucky to have the love and support of the local Glass Blowing Community; the needs of the members at the VCBC are a very serious priority. The artists take special care to ensure their pieces are designed to be as durable as possible at a compassionate price. Each piece of glass displayed… Continue reading Glass

Raw Rolling Machines

$2.75 Each Rolling machines made by RAW are a great tool to use for those who struggle to roll their own joint.