When Ted Smith founded the VCBC, he did it not only to provide medicine to people with incurable illnesses, he wanted to spread proper awareness and offer cannabis education to any who seek it out. We are proud to say his vision has carried on through the decades and as we have continued to grow,… Continue reading Books

Jank Tank Dab Rig

Jank Tank Dab Rigs were created as a durable and portable option for those looking to vaporize cannabis concentrates. The base is made from a mason jar making it interchangeable, easy to clean and transport. All Jank Tanks come with a quartz banger, making it ideal for using extracts such as rosen, shatter and wax!… Continue reading Jank Tank Dab Rig

Raw Rolling Papers

What can we say? We like the way Raw papers burn… Please note: We number each type of paper available to prevent any mix ups and make sure you are rolling up your perfect size!

Elements Papers

Elements Rolling Papers are made from natural earth friendly materials: rice and sugar. They are not produced by using harsh chemicals or burn agents.

VCBC Hemp T-Shirt

A great deal thanks to high quality 100% hemp material, this piece of clothing with last for a very long time. We are delighted to use T-shirts sourced from Hemp and Company, located here in Victoria, BC. Sizing is limited to the stock available.  However, there are many Large and Extra Large Sizes that make… Continue reading VCBC Hemp T-Shirt


We are very lucky to have the love and support of the local Glass Blowing Community; the needs of the members at the VCBC are a very serious priority. The artists take special care to ensure their pieces are designed to be as durable as possible at a compassionate price. Each piece of glass displayed… Continue reading Glass

Rasta Herb Grinders

Easy to grip and use at a great price, the herb grinders are ideal to break up bud! Color and Rasta design depend on available stock but don’t worry, each grinder looks equally cool! $2 Each Grinder

Silicone Containers

These small containers made of silicone are perfect for storing your cannabis concentrates or small amounts of kief. These containers are ideal for those looking for something to have their VCBC Concentrates weighed into! All containers colors, shapes and sizes are dependent on stock.   Small – $1 each Medium – $4 each Large Leggo Block –… Continue reading Silicone Containers

Pipe Cleaners

$2 per Pack 44 pipe cleaners per bundle, these pipe cleaners are safe to use on glass yet strong enough to get the job done. 

Mystica Vape Pen

Small and discreet, the Mystica Vape pen can be re-loaded with wax, shatter or other cannabis concentrates. Using a dual quartz coil to heat the extract, the coil can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and reused. This kit comes with a microSD charger cord.  Vape Pen Kit – $30 Extra Coil – $5