Petition for a variance process for the Clean Air Bylaw

The VCBC is petitioning the CRD for a variance process to the Clean Air Bylaw. Download and print this petition sheet to distribute among your networks. You do not need to be a member of the VCBC to sign but you must live in the Victoria Capital Regional District . Please email filled in petition sheets to Unfortunately, we do not have an online petition available at this time.

The VCBC has maintained a smoking lounge for patients since its formation in 1996.  Shortly after moving into our storefront at 826 Johnson St in 2001, we converted our closet into a smoking room which has operated every day since to provide a dignified space for patients to consume their medicine, with no cost or stigmatization. 

In 2018, amendments to the Clean Air Act were passed by the CRD to effectively treat cannabis consumption the same as tobacco. This bylaw prohibits smoking in any commercial space in the Capitol Regional District. This bylaw poses the biggest threat to our smoking room and we must act to protect it.

The VCBC is petitioning the CRD for a variance process to the Clean Air Bylaw to ensure legal access to cannabis consumption spaces. We are collecting signatures by door knocking, standing on street corners, and hosting public information meetings, while also placing the petition in stores and medical facilities.  A variance process to the Clean Air Bylaw would allow the CRD to grant approvals to hospice centers, hospitals, seniors homes and other care facilities, as well as consider temporary use permits for events like April 20 to happen at Royal Athletic Park.  It would also create the possibility that commercial spaces for recreational consumers could obtain a license to operate.

Creating spaces for cannabis consumption will benefit patients, recreational users, local businesses, events, tourism, and more. Please support our initiative to change this law to create more accessible cannabis consumption spaces!

For more information on the Clean Air Act and the VCBC’s response, you can read our article published on The Cannabis Digest.

The VCBC is proud to present this short film by Sam Condy that showcases the lives and stories of our members, producers, and staff who make the club the powerful resource that thousands of patients rely on for access to life saving medicine.

The Victoria Cannabis Buyers’ Club (VCBC) started helping people with incurable physical medical conditions by providing them with medicinal cannabis and cannabis based products in January of 1996. Through name changes and our rebirth as a non-profit organization, our mandate and commitment to our members has remained the same. The VCBC is one of the oldest compassion clubs in Canada, with over 6500 active members.

To best meet our members’ individual needs, we offer an expansive range of products at reasonable prices. These include dried cannabis inflorescences, mechanically separated kiefs (also known as hash), as well as a wide variety of edible and topical products. We ensure the highest quality and ethical standards are met in the sourcing and production of all our products. Through activism, education, and research we strive to further the public’s understanding of medicinal cannabis.

The VCBC accepts anyone who meets our membership requirements. There are no fees for application or membership.