The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club (VCBC) is a medical cannabis compassion club. The VCBC was founded in 1996 and we started helping people with incurable physical medical conditions by providing them with medicinal cannabis and cannabis products.

You must provide a proof of a medical condition to become a member with the VCBC.
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Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club
826 Johnson Street  
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Saturday
10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Update: We are no longer going to be provide the credit system for members.

We have been facing increasing pressures financially and time restraints on our staff, so we feel we have to make this decision..

Anyone with outstanding credit will have their debt forgiven. For anyone who feels compelled to pay off their credit, the value will be added to our donations bins for the club.

The Gayle Quin Emergency Grant will not be affected by this change. The emergency $5 for medicine will be available to every member once a month, with the stipulation that they must spend a minimum of $20 in the club throughout the month.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times.

Jacq & Ted

At this time we are doing signups online and over the phone for those who can not come into the storefront. Please email your Proof of Condition, and your membership application to, and we will book an appointment for a phone orientation. After you have completed the sign up orientation, members are free to purchase medicine from our club. Additionally, please note that we are a cash only operation. As well, please know that there is no parking directly in front of our store. Thank you !

About the VCBC:

Video by Sam Condy, March 2019

The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club (VCBC) started helping people with documentation of a serious medical condition by providing them with medicinal cannabis and cannabis based products in January of 1996. Through name changes and our rebirth as a non-profit organization, our mandate and commitment to our members has remained the same. The VCBC is one of the oldest compassion clubs in Canada, with over 6500 active members.

To best meet our members individual needs, we offer an expansive range of products at reasonable prices. These include dried cannabis, mechanically separated kiefs (also known as hash), as well as a wide variety of edible and topical products. We ensure the highest quality and ethical standards are met in the sourcing and production of all our products. Through activism, education, and research we strive to further the publics understanding of medicinal cannabis.

The VCBC accepts anyone who meets our membership requirements. There are no fees for application or membership.